Engage your customers where their attention is: on their mobile device.

Build loyalty, increase sales, and streamline communication.

Your customers live a mobile life.

Isn't it time you had a modern, dynamic way to communicate with them?

Step one: Choose the design and functionality of your custom mobile app.

Choose the design and functionality of your app (or ask us!).

Step two: We automatically build and pubilsh your app.

We build and publish your app to the app stores.

Step three: Your competitors envy your technological prowess, and your customers rejoice.

Your business in the palm of your customers' hand.

No software engineering expertise necessary; our system does nearly all the work for you.


No software engineering expertise necessary; our system does nearly all the work for you.

Create your app quickly and easily by choosing from our expertly engineered building blocks.


Create your app quickly and easily by choosing from our expertly engineered building blocks.

Works on both Apple and Android devices, providing support for virtually all of your customers.


Works on both Apple and Android devices, providing support for virtually all of your customers.

Inexpensive custom mobile apps by Sparkage


You may be surprised to learn just how inexpesive a custom mobile app for your business can be; check out our pricing.

Treasure Valley Vapors logo

We have been using Sparkage for the last 2 years as our rewards platform. It's very easy to use and their customer service is top notch. Our customers can keep track of their rewards points through our app on their phone which is really convenient.

The ability to send messages to your existing customers is also a great feature. All things considered, it is a great product and I am extremely happy with it! 

-- Aaron N, Treasure Valley Vapors

Urban Feed and Garden logo

Sparkage has been great! I found it really easy to use and set up. It's a fantastic way to easily communicate with customers about special offers and events.

Customers really love not having to carry around a punch card any more since the app allows us to keep track of all of their rewards points for them.

I highly recommend this as an additional marketing strategy for any small business! 

-- Kristi R, Urban Feed and Garden

Why should I choose Sparkage?

Let us count the ways...

Cloud infrastructure

Much more than just an app.

With Sparkage, you won't just get an app that runs on iOS and Android–you'll also get your own cloud-based infrastructure to store and manage your app's content, customer information, and more.

Customer retention tools

Customer retention tools

Keep them coming back with a customized loyalty program and special offers. Gain new customers with our refer-a-friend module.

Push notifications

Push notifications

Broadcast unlimited messages and important news to your customers in realtime and review statistics about delivery success and participation rates.

Genuinely native

Genuinely native

Unlike apps made by other publishers, Sparkage apps are native, which means they look and feel like your customers would expect and generally perform better than non-native apps.
What is native?

Development services

Development services

Need something fancy or custom? We've got you covered! Our world-class engineers are available to help you make your app perfect.

Design services

Design services

Expert designers are here to help you create a beautiful app your customers will love to use.

Administer anywhere

Administer anywhere

Manage your app from any Internet-enabled device—in the shop or on the go.

Pricing, simple as can be.


  • Free to preview—pay only when you publish
  • No restrictions on usage, features or functionality
  • Cancel at any time

franchises, cooperatives, and other organizations with more than ten thousand customers, and those requiring custom development, integration, or customization services may incur additional fees.

Sparkage mobile apps:

More than the sum of their parts

Modules are the building blocks used to create Sparkage custom mobile apps. Under the Standard tab, you'll find a set of modules we think virtually all businesses can benefit from. Under the Specialized tab, you'll find industry-specific or 'niche' modules.

Standard module: Rewards Rewards
Increase customer retention, visit frequency, and overall sales with the Rewards module. Assign point values to individual Rewards, easily credit or redeem points from customer accounts, and get to know who your most loyal customers are. Customers may see at a glance which Rewards are available to them with their current point balance.
Standard module: Events Events
Ensure that your customers are always aware of upcoming occasions with the Events module. Specify important information like time/date, details, location, and directions. Customers may optionally add reminders to their calendars so they don't miss out.
Standard module: News News
Make sure your customers are always up-to-date with the News module by publishing organizational announcements. Optionally, customers may be notified immediately of new articles via push message to their mobile devices.
Standard module: Offers Offers
Effortlessly publish special incentives for your customers with the Offers module. Send automated offers on birthdays, or when someone hasn't made a purchase in for a while.
Standard module: Products Products
Build a digital inventory of goods and services your business offers with the Products module. Customers can easily find the items they're looking for, with photos, pricing, and availability.
Standard module: Refer-a-Friend Refer-a-Friend
Incentivize word-of-mouth customer growth with the Refer-a-Friend module. When customers tell their friends about your business, and those friends become new customers, both of them are rewarded in a way that you choose.
Standard module: Web Content Web Content
Seamlessly integrate custom web-based content into your application with the Web Content module. Simply provide the URL to the content you wish to host, and your customers may access it with a single tap.
Standard module: YouTube YouTube
Provide easy in-app access to an automatically-updated playlist from a YouTube account.
Standard module: Streaming Audio Streaming Audio
Give your users the ability to listen to any audio stream—podcasts, live broadcasts, radio, and static content from within your app.
Standard module: RSS Feed RSS Feed
Add an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed from any website or service that supports RSS to a mobile reader right in your app.